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Cable Seals

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Cable Seals

Bednorz offer a range of cable and wire seals. These range from Idicative seals, respectively light weight seals which may e.g. be used for sealing utility meters. Security seals, respectively medium weight seals, for which areas of application range from securing tankers and drums, piplines and more. The High Security seals, also referred to as heavy duty seals are often used for securing trucks and shipping containers. Our cable seals are available in a range of colours.
Wire seals are versatile and easy to fit.

Indicative Seals

Indicative seals are lightweight seals with a wire thickness ranging from 0,8 mm to 1,6 mm. These cable seals include twister seals and crimp seals. Produced in tough plastic or aluminium with a stainless-steel wire. Indicative seals are used to secure water, electricity and gas meters, plus gaming machines.

Security Seals

Security seals are medium weight seals with a wire thickness of 2,5mm. They are produced with zinc or aluminium bodies, with a non-preformed multi strand cable. Truck sealing, containers sealing also sealing hatches and valves on tankers and pipe lines.

High Security Seals

High security cable seals are heavy duty seals, which are certificated ISO PAS 17712:2013 to ‘H’ High Security standard, and are acceptable for use under C TPAT and AEO requirements. They feature a wire thickness ranging from 3,5 mm to 5,0 mm. Additionally, the LXR Cable Seal has been tested and approved by German Customs as a Zoll Plombe, respectively customs seal. Apart from sealing international shipments, the strength and tamper avoidance designs, make these seals ideal for securing the shipment of high value goods, and resisting contamination of materials supplied to food and drink manufacturers.

All cable and wire seals are printed with a logo and sequential number, either a stock print or to customers’ requirements. Bar coded seals are also available on request.