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BC-Cable Seal LXR - Customs Seal

Technical specifications
Material: galvanized steel
colour: blue
diameter: 4.8 mm
sealing hole: 5.5 mm
Cable length: 310 mm
total length: 350 mm
standard marking: 1 character, 7-digit sequential number
sales unit: 10 pieces
weight: 1.5 kg
removing the seal: Cable scissors or bolt cutter
Coding number *: DE
Approval number *: New pattern : DE / / / /
Sales price (without VAT)35,00 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)35,00 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.25.001.D.BLANK
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The BC-Cable Seal LXR - Customs Seals are certified according to ISO PAS 17712:2013 / C-TPAT plus tested and approved by the German Customs Authorities as a "special seal".
With the approval as an "Authorized Consignor" and the assigned coding number, the BC-Cable Seal LXR - Customs Seals contribute to the advantages of simplified customs shipping procedures.
This approval according to the strict requirements and tests of the German customs is a quality mark and confirms the high quality and tamper-proof of this seal.
The BC-Cable Seal LXR is a robust, mechanically resistant cable seal certified to ISO 17712 High Security classification.