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Plastic Seals

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Bednorz offer a range of fixed and variable length seals. Applications included sealing postal sacks to airline catering trollies. All of these seals are available in a range of colours.

Pull-Tight seals are a flexible solution for securing sacks and bags, and for logistics, tote boxes and roll cages are securely sealed using seals available in a range of materials and designs. Seals are produced in Polypropylene and Polyamide, with plastic or metal locking mechanism.These seals are pulled tight to ensure various applications are accommodated. Many variable length seals incorporate labels holders, and designs that enable no tool removal of the seal.

Fixed Length seals are ideal for use in sealing applications which are repeated on a regular basis. These include airline catering trolleys, truck doors and tote boxes, where the one ‘click’ function ensures secure fixing. These fixed length seals are produced in Polypropylene, some designs include an Acetal locking mechanism.

Drum seals are either plug-in arrow head seals or two piece ‘flat’ seals, both of these seal designs ensure the they are not damaged when drums or tanks knock together.

Pad Lock Seals enable one hand application to secure airline catering trolleys, cash boxes and medical cabinets. Available in a one piece plastic design or a plastic and wire design. Both seal designs are available in a range of colours, and supplied marked with a sequential number and also a logo or mark.

All types of plastic seals are available in a range of colours. Stock seals come with standard marking, however, seals can be printed with a custom logo and numbering sequence.