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Packing Unit Seals

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Bednorz offer a range of seals and strapping products to secure / stabilize boxes and pallets.

Packaging strapping can be used throughout industry and commerce to ensure that stability of boxes and pallets is continued through the shipping cycle. Bednorz stocks the complete kit of rolls of polypropylene strapping, metal and plastic clips plus tensioning tools.

When additional security is required, Bednorz has options.

When the packaging strapping has been applied to the box or pallet, the slot punching tool cuts through the metal clip and strapping, enabling a Bednorz-Seal to be inserted. This ensures that the clip cannot be removed.

German Customs has tested and approved the Cross Seal which is fitted where two straps cross. The Cross Seal is closed and has to be destroyed to remove it. It design, unique sequential number and mark combine to ensure that tampering is evident, plus the additional confidence of the approval of German Customs – Zoll Plombe (Custom Seal).

Another option is to insert either a Snap-n-Secure seal which protects the strapping clip. The design of the Snap-n-Secure, unique sequential number and mark combine to show evidence of tampering.

After wrapping the pallet in stretch film, applying blue, self adhesive security tape completes the security and stability of the pallet. This is the method accepted by the TSA (Transport Security Administration – USA) to secure pallets.

Options from Bednorz to seal cartons / boxes are self adhesive security seals, which show an ‘Opened’ message – which is not reversable – on removal.

Our brown security tape is a covert seal which looks like ordinary buff packaging tape, but on removal reveals a message –“OPENED” in 6 languages.