Which seals belong to the Customs seals?
Bednorz-Customs Seal, IP-Seal Customs seal, Flexi-Grip 350 M Customs Seal, BC-Cable Customs Seal LXR, Cross Seal, and BC-Security-Label-Customs seal.

Are the Customs Seals also available in a standard version?
JYes, all Customs Seals are also available in a standard version.

Is it possible to customise the seals?
All our seals can be customised on request, e. g. colours, logos, marking or your own number range. Please contact us.

Can I order different colours?
It is possible to order different colours on request. Please contact us.

What is the delivery time?
Bednorz has a wide range of security seals in stock to suit most needs. Delivery times for specific items will depend on availability. Please contact our customer service staff.

Can you send us samples?
We will gladly provide you with samples of the respective seals (limited number).

Please contact us.


Where are the fasteners produced?
We have our own production, and all our products are "Made in Germany". You can find out more about our company here.

What is the difference between yellow and colourless zinc plating?
The yellow galvanising contains chrome VI (6). Since September 2017, companies have had to switch from chrome VI-coated fasteners to alternatives.

How long is the delivery time?
The delivery time for the 410, 500, 550 and 800 series is usually at least 3 weeks after receipt of order, as these are produced to order and on site.
The delivery time for all other series is generally approx. 1-2 weeks after receipt of order.
We can advise more specific lead times at point of order.

Are there products with V4A stainless steel in your range?
No, we work exclusively with V2A stainless steel.

Can the goods be collected from you?
Of course, you can collect the goods from us at any time during our business hours. However, it is advisable to arrange a collection appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting time for you.

Is there a minimum order surcharge?
Yes, for orders under 100,00 EUR (excl. tax), a minimum order surcharge of 20,00 EUR will apply.