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Our range of high quality security labels

Security labels are highly versatile and are especially used in freight transport to secure packages and boxes, as well as doors of new cars and airplanes, computers, computer cabinets, control consoles, DVDs, and CDs. Another field of application is securing crime scenes during police investigations.

In our online shop for security labels and seals, among other things, you can also order labels that have been tested and approved by the German customs authorities. The BC-Security Label - customs seal, is certified according to ISO PAS 17712:2013/C-TPAT. The approval for the security label developed by Bednorz was made according to strict specifications and tests - and stands out due to its high quality and tamper-proofness.

Furthermore, Bednorz offers the "Label Lock Security Tape". After wrapping the pallet in stretch film, applying blue, self adhesive security tape completes the security and stability of the pallet. This is the method accepted by the TSA (Transport Security Administration – USA) to secure pallets.

Options from Bednorz to seal cartons / boxes are self adhesive security seals, which show an ‘OPENED’ message – which is not reversable – on removal. Brown security tape is a covert seal which looks like ordinary buff packaging tape, but on removal reveals a message –“OPENED” in 6 languages.

Furthermore, our range includes security labels with a barcode, or a control section. The smaller version of the security label 60x20mm, without a barcode, is a highly cost-effective option. All three options can be purchased in the versions "with residue" and "residue-free".

Customer specific custom printing is available for seals and security tapes. Other seals are available to meet customer needs.