Useful Information - Seal Types

Bolt seals

Bolt seals consist of a steel bolt and a seal body. To prevent tampering, some versions are equipped with an anti-spin design and identical numbering on the bolt and housing. This makes it possible to identify the seal quickly and to detect attempts at tampering.

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Bolt seals are used to secure truck doors, shipping containers and other large transport containers. They can only be removed with a bolt cutter or a disc cutter. In addition to sealing, a bolt seal also provides mechanical barrier for the closure of the transport container.

The Bednorz range exclusively includes bolt seals that meet the high requirements of High Security Seals according to ISO PAS 17712:2013. Seals with the "High Security" classification have been tested by recognised test laboratories with very high requirements for impact, shear, bending and tensile strength. "High Security Seals are standard for all container and truck shipments crossing the US border.

See also: https://www.cbp.gov/border-security/ports-entry/cargo-security/CTPAT

A common method of over-coming bolt seals is to remove the seal body by rapid spinning. To make this type of tampering visible, some models have design features. In the Locktainer 2000 SH and 2020 with plastic body, a small serration is incorporated in the bolt and body.. When the seal is closed, this serration engages. This makes it possible to see if the two parts of the seal are twisting against each other by destroying this toothing (see picture). The Anti Spin Function (ASS) of the IP Seal is designed as follows: The bolt as well as the body have a square or polygonal shape, which prevents twisting when closed. The Locktainer 2000 SHR-C without sheathing of the bolt offers a different form of securing.

If space is tight at the closure of the transport container, the Locktainer 2000 SHC can be fitted more easily with slightly bent bolts.

Cable seals

Cable seals consist of a multi-strand sealing wire and a seal body. To seal, the wire is pulled through the opening provided in the seal body so that it forms a loop that is variable in the direction of pull.

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To ensure tamper-resistance, the wire must always be tightened tight when the seal is applied. The seal body can be made of zinc, aluminium, plastic-coated metals or plastic. It is usually available in different colours. The marking of the seal is permanently applied using stamping or laser etching. The cable of all Bednorz cable seals a NPC wire. This abbreviation stands for "non preformed cable". This designates the property of the wire to spring apart immediately after cutting, so that it can no longer be pulled through the opening in the seal body. This prevents the seal from being closed again. The standard wire length is 250 - 300 mm. Special dimensions of up to 15 metres are possible.

Cable seals are offered in different security classes:

High security, security and indicative seals. The classification is based on wire thickness and physical properties.

The application possibilities of wire seals are therefore very versatile. High security versions such as BP Duplexeal 3.2, BP Cable Seal 350 and 500, Flexigrip 350 M and Flexigrip 500 M with a minimum wire diameter of 3.2 mm are suitable for sealing large transport containers such as shipping containers or box trucks. Security versions such as the BP Cable Seal 250 and Flexigrip 250 M are intended, for example, for closing transport bags and securing mesh containers. Indicative versions with a maximum wire diameter of 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm, such as the BP Twister, are used to secure meters or sensitive measuring and display devices.

Plastic seals
Plastic seals are assigned to the category "Indicative Seals". They are a cost-effective solution to a variety of sealing applications.
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They are available as pull-through, fixed length, lock or drum seals.

Plastic seals are made of polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide 6, among others. A seal should be selected according to the material suitable for the application. Polypropylene and polyethylene materials are sufficiently strong for most applications under normal environmental conditions. However, if greater durability and strength is required, or the seal will be exposed to intense heat or cold, a polyamide product should be chosen.  Plastic seals are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths to suit the majority of sealing applications.

Plastic seals - Pull-through seals

Pull-through seals made of plastic consist of a ribbed or smooth seal band, which can be flat or round, and a seal flag with an integrated locking mechanism.

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Seals such as the BP 586 or Katran, which are made entirely of one material (usually polypropylene or polyethylene), act as simple security devices for applications where there is not a high risk of tampering, such as securing waste containers and bags.

In other pull-through seals, the more technically complex locking mechanism is made of the temperature-resistant plastics acetal or steel to increase security and durability. These materials are significantly more durable in hot or cold conditions, thus withstanding tampering attempts to a greater degree. These seals are also easier to handle.

Seals with acetal seal: BP 540, Combi, PL 10, PL 91.

Seals with steel mechanism: BP 411, BP 412, BP 413, BP 414, BP 415, ID Seal, Universal.

The marking of the pull-through seal is always applied to the seal flag. There are pull-through seals with or without a so-called "tear-off", a pre-formed break-off device, enabling no tool removal of the seal.. Otherwise, light cutting toos, such as a cutter, are needed to open the seal. Some designs, such as the BP 411, BP 412, BP 413, BP 415 and BP 586, have small teeth on the seal band that provide additional grip when sealing textile materials such as bags. The pull-through seal should always be tightened when applied to ensure maximum tamper protection. It is particularly suitable for sealing transport containers made of flexible materials (such as sacks or tarpaulins).

On the other hand, it should not be used if the parts to which the seals are applied require a certain freedom of movement or flexibility (for example, when transporting goods by truck on uneven roads). For this application, a fixed length ring seal should be chosen.

Plastic seals - Ring seal
Ring seals - also called fixed length seals - consist of a locking mechanism and a sealing band. To seal, the end of the sealing tape is snapped into the locking mechanism.
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This forms a ring with a fixed diameter. The locking mechanism on some models is made of the temperature-resistant plastic acetal to increase durability. Models such as the PL 95 and the BP 560 are additionally equipped with a flagl. The individual marking is made on this.

In the case of plastic seals without a seal flag, the marking is applied to the seal band, as is the case with the Sydex. Ring seals are particularly suitable for applications where a certain movement tolerance between the seal opening and the seal is required, for example, when the seal openings on truck box bodies move against each other due to road irregularities. The ring seal can be removed by hand or with a simple cutting tool-
Plastic seals - Padlock seals
Lock seals, also called padlock seals, have the shape of a small padlock. They are particularly suitable for sealing small containers, aircraft trolleys and other lockable containers.
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Padlock seals consist of a plastic body with a locking mechanism and a seal hasp. The latter can be made of metal (padlock) or is made of a cast plastic (dartlock). Padlock seals can be removed by hand or with a side cutter.

Plastic seals - Drum seals
Barrel seals, respectively drum seals are plastic seals that lock in the barrel clamping ring when the seal wedge is pressed in. When the clamping ring is opened, the seal wedge breaks and releases the seal. Barrel seals are used exclusively for sealing clamping ring closures on all types of barrels. Depending on the diameter, these plug-in seals can also be used to seal plastic tote box lids.
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The drum seal is pushed so deeply into the narrow, elongated sealing opening on the closure of a closed clamping ring that the seal wedges itself there so that it cannot be removed without a tool. The BP 510 drum seal is numbered consecutively.

Metal strap seals

Metal strap seals are classified as "Indicative Seal" and are an alternative to bolt or cable seals or lightweight plastic seals. They are less expensive than bolt or wire seals, while being stronger and more secure than plastic seals.

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Metal band seals consist of a seal body with an integrated locking mechanism and a seal band 0.3 mm thick and 9.5 mm wide.

The identification of the metal band seal is embossed on the seal band. Due to the flat end of the sealing band, the metal band seal is suitable for securing TIR cable end pieces of truck tarpaulins.

Metal band seals are suitable for numerous applications such as sealing box trucks, railway wagons, tankers and containers as well as boxes and other packages.

With the Tyden seal, the end of the sealing band is inserted into the sealing mechanism of the seal body until it engages.

To close the Bednorz -Seal, the hole at the end of the sealing band is placed over the protruding "pin" and the cap is folded over. By pressing on the cap, the seal is closed with an audible "click".

This creates a ring with a fixed diameter on both models.

The Bednorz-Seal is approved by German Customs as a Customs seal for identity protection. It is characterised by a high resistance to manipulation and offers the highest possible protection of an indicative seal.

In the case of widely spaced sealing openings, metal band seals can be used in conjunction with the Bednorz extension.

The use of the Bednorz extension in conjunction with the Bednorz Customs seal is NOT PERMITTED and does not constitute a Customs seal in this combination.

On the subject of metal band seals:
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Meter seals

Meter seals are available in a variety of materials including plastic, plastic / steel wire, soft metal / steel wire and aluminium / steel wire. Seal wire and cord are available in cut lengths or on rolls to complete this versatile seal range.

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Meter seals are mainly used to secure measuring and display devices as well as electric, gas or water meters. But they are also used to seal gaming machines, valuables containers and ballot boxes. Recently, they have also been used for individual marking of goods, e.g. in the creative sector.

Lead seals consist of a fine sealing wire or a sealing cord, the ends of which are held together by a sealing body made of metal or plastic. Seals like the Marvik are to be closed by hand.

Some require special tools: the sealing pliers for lead seal, Alucast and Notox, the coding pliers for the Cralu roller seal. Both tools are offered with or without an individual embossing stamp, which can be used to emboss an identification, such as a logo or initial, into the seal body when the seal is closed.

To the topic:

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Security labels

Security labels can be used in a variety of ways for sealing purposes.

They can be applied to various surfaces when securing packages and boxes, also doors of new cars and aeroplanes as well as computers, computer cabinets, control consoles, DVDs and CDs. Another field of application is the securing of crime scenes during police investigations.

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Bednorz offers security labels that leave a residue on the object to be secured (Label Lock with residue) as well as labels that leave no residue (Label Lock without residue). Either a tampering attempt is indicated by a change in the label - the inscription "opened" or "void" becomes visible on the label after it has been removed - or this inscription becomes legible as a residue on the object to be secured.

Each label has a consecutive number and is also available in three sizes. Large and medium-sized residue-free labels can additionally be supplied with consecutively numbered control sections. The control section can be placed clearly visible on the shipping documents so that the numbering can be easily compared during an inspection (Label Lock without residue, with control section). Attention for labels with residue: This is difficult to remove again from the secured item.

The BC-Security Label is a residue-free label that is approved by German Customs as a customs seal.

Security tape

Bednorz has two different types of security tape in its range, which are similar to conventional parcel tape in their outer form.

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Security Tapes consist of two layers which separate from each other when the tape is removed. What remains is a thin plastic film on which the words "OPENED" can be read in up to six different languages. This process is not reversible and indicates access to the secured item.

The Label Lock Security Tape consists of security labels strung together, each of which can be separated from the other by a perforation. The individual sections are numbered consecutively. So on the one hand you have the option of sticking it on continuously, on the other hand you can also use it in the form of individual security labels (which can also be stored well and compactly in this form). Thus, versatile applications are possible.

The Security Tape is similar in shape and colour to the familiar buff parcel tape. This makes it particularly suitable for securing packages or other items where the security should not be visible. This tape can be secured over large distances without gaps. Attention: The residue of both tapes is difficult to remove from objects.