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After exhaustive testing at their own testing facilities, German Customs have approved a range of seals for use in applications under Customs jurisdiction. All these seals are designated ‘Zoll Plombe’ (Customs Seal) and can be used throughout the EU as approved Customs seals. These seals are supplied with Customs designated numbering and mark. Customised options are available on request. Applications for all your transport needs by air, land or sea freight, include containers, boxes, trucks, trolleys and cage trolleys, barrels, as well as value transports, etc. 

BC-Security Label – Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
This can be used for sealing cartons and also to show that goods have been inspected or passed oversight. This seal is easily applied, but when removed, and non- reversable message –‘OPENED’ appears.

The Bednorz -Seal -Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
After many years of supplying seals to German Customs and those companies operating under Customs rules, Bednorz designed the Bednorz-Seal to meet the modern needs of Customs for security and tamper evidence. The Bednorz -Seal is easily applied and fixed with an audible ‘klick’.

Flexigrip 350M Cable Seal – Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
This aluminium bodied seal is certified to PAS ISO 17712/2013 ‘H’ High Security. The 3.5mm NPC (Non-Preformed-Cable) Standard cable length is 250mm , but other cable lengths are available on request, ensuring this versatile seal fits many applications.

BC Cable Seal LXR – Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
This seal has proven to be a secure and strong seal both in Europe and the Americas. The 5mm NPC (Non-Preformed-Cable) cable meets PAS ISO 17712 /2013 ‘H’ High Security and its unique sealing mechanism design ensures this seal offer superior defense against tampering. The standard cable length is 310mm, but other cable lengths are available on request.

IP Seal – Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
This plastic covered bolt seal is certified to PAS ISO 17712 /2013 ‘H’ High Security incorporates an anti-spin design to ensure tamper resistance. When applying this fixed length seal, an audible ’klick’ confirm secure sealing.

Cross Seal – Zoll Plombe (Customs Seal)
When applied tom the strapping on a pallet or carton/box, the Cross Seal ensures evidence of tampering.