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Our partnership with Red Flag Bednorz has a partnership with Red Flag Cargo Security Systems in the USA. A manufacturer that stands out with significant products that are also preferred by the US Customs Authorities.
New at Bednorz: Certified Tacho Seals Since 01.03.2022, new EU regulations have come into force for the use of seals to secure tachographs in all commercial vehicles. Only security seals that are certified by an accredited laboratory and comply with the EN 16882: 2017 standard may now be used.
Products certified as a "Special Seal" by the German Customs Authorities For more than 50 years Bednorz has been an approved supplier of the German Customs Seal ensuring traceability  from a reliable partner to the Authorities. Following the fundamental change of regulations in 2019 for the uniform handling in the EU of the security seals...
Since 01 May 2019, there have been fundamental changes to the regulations and procedures for the Authorised Consignor (AEO) with EU Customs Authorities. A variety of security seals are approved as a special seal and cover the needs of the most diverse requirements for security.
The Bednorz-Seal -Security Redefined The Bednorz-Seal - Security Redefined In order to meet the demands of our customers and the requirements of the German Customs Authority, we have developed a new metal band seal based on our many years of experience: the Bednorz-Seal.