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Clamp lock fastener Series 4300

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Small, universal toggle latch for single-hole mounting of front covers and lock for one-hole-installation to install front plates and drawers on small electrical and electronic switch and control devices as well as laboratory equipment. Available with star-shaped knob, knurled head or slot head.

By turning in a clockwise direction, the bolt is placed into the locked position. If the lock is turned further, the thread will tighten the bolt, the door will pushed against the frame. When turning counter-clockwise, the bolt will return to the open position, the door will open. In comparison to other toggle latches, the bolt is closed form fitting, which is particularly important in case of sticky or stained rubber seals. The variable clamping range is 16 mm. The clamping range of -2 to 28 can be covered with 2 shaped locking latches.

For installation, drill a center hole of 10.5 mm diameter, screw the hexagon nut on to the lock and push this through the hole from the backside. After tightening the cover nut, the lock will be tightened with the fastening nut. For the star grip version, the star grip is then added, the bolt is pushed in.