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Magnet Seal M2

Technical specifications
Material: Polyester, PVC capsule
features: mit Rückstand
Size: 60 mm x 25 mm
Type of indication: Changing the location of the neodymium magnets
Inscription: Attention! Sealed!
Installation temperature range: +5°C to +50°C
Operating temperature range: –40° C to +60° C
sales unit: 500 pieces
weight: 0.25 kg
Removal of sticker: by hand
Sales price (without VAT)415,00 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)415,00 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.32.400.K.ROT
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The Magnet Seal M2 is an antimagnetic security seal designed as a sticker with a transparent capsule. This seal features a special adhesive, making it suitable for attachment to plastic, metal, glass, and painted surfaces. Inside the capsule are neodymium magnets that change their position when exposed to a magnetic field. A change in this position indicates that intruders have attempted to influence a meter with a magnet to manipulate its readings.

An additional layer of security for the tamper-proof Magnet Seal M2 is provided by a special "OPENED" inscription that appears when someone tries to remove the seal. This inscription does not disappear, even if there is an attempt to reattach the seal, making it easier for inspection authorities to detect any tampering attempts.

To control accounting and prevent counterfeiting of Magnet Seal stickers, the same unique number is printed on both the seal and the capsule. This number can be used to verify whether the seal or capsule has been replaced. Furthermore, the Magnet Seal M2 can be customized with your company's logo for identification purposes.

Advantages of the antimagnetic Magnet Seal M2 include:
  • Both the sticker and capsule carry the same unique number.
  • The hidden inscription "OPENED" becomes visible.
  • It is a patented product from the manufacturer.

The Magnet Seal M2 is used for all types of meters: gas, water, and electricity.

To apply the sticker seal, the surface of the object to be sealed must be degreased first. Then, the seal is detached from its base and adhered to the object's surface without separating the capsule from the sticker. After smoothing it out, it should be left for 5 minutes.

The tamper-proof sticker seal Magnet Seal M2 is typically employed by regulatory companies and authorities that install, repair, and monitor metering devices.