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Tachograph Seal BP 140-XL PK - 600 mm

Technical specifications
iso classification: indicative
Certification: EN 16882:2017
steel cable: SAE 304, plasctic coated
diameter: 0,5 mm (wire) / 1,00 mm (wire with coating)
Cable length: 600 mm
Case size: 38 x 28 x 22 mm
Material: polyketone and polyacetal
QR-Code size: 11 x 11 mm
standard marking: prefix BP and 8-digit sequential numbering
removing the seal: Simple cutting tool
sales unit: 100 pieces
weight: 0,710 kg
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.19.065.D.BLAU
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The BP 140-XL PK Tachograph Seal is certified according to DIN EN 16882:2017 by a Spanish testing laboratory and has a raised "T" on the front of the inscription area.
The body of this seal is made of white Polyketon. The additional slide seal provides increased security and great protection against tampering by blocking the rotation axis in both directions.
As a standard version, the seal is provided with the prefix BP and an 8-digit alphanumeric numbering and a QR code. The stainless steel wire fixed to the seal is plastic-coated.
To apply the seal, the end of the wire is inserted through the hole. The twist wing of the seal has to be turned at least four times clockwise, until the wire is tight. The lateral slider is pressed in and the leaf is broken off. The BP 140-XL PK Tacho Seal can be removed with a simple cutting tool.
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Different colours and wire lengths are available on request.