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BP 586 / BIG FLAG (blue)

Technical specifications
material: Polypropylen
COLOUR-1 blau
seal tape width: 7.3 mm
seal tape thickness: 3.7 mm
sealing hole: 7.8 x 4.2
seal tape length: 310 mm
total length: 460 mm
standard marking: 1 Buchstabe, 6-stellige fortlaufende Nummer
weight: 12.20 kg
removing the seal: einfaches Schneidewerkzeug
sales unit: 1000 Stück
iso classification indikativ
Anzahl VPE Preis je Einheit
ab1 146,20 €
ab5 125,50 €
ab10 120,40 €
ab25 116,80 €
ab50 112,10 €
Sales price (without VAT)146,20 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)173,98 €
Lieferzeit: ab Lager
Product Code: 3.19.950.K.BLAU
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The pull-tight seal BP 586 can be used in many ways, in particular it is used to secure bags, money and valuables containers.

The indicative seal BP 586 is made of polypropylene and has a locking mechanism integrated into the seal flag. The sealing tail has teeth on one side, his provides hold when sealing textile materials, e.g. jute and cotton sacks, mail and valuables sacks, and prevents them from slipping. The BP 586 has a particularly large seal flag (105 mm x 55 mm) and enables various labeling and identification options. It is provided with a consecutive 6-digit number and can be supplied with a barcode, data matrix, logo or text. It also offers space for customer-specific labels.

The seal should always be tightened firmly when attaching and can be removed with a simple cutting tool.

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