Security Seals | FlexiGrip 350 M - Customs Seal

FlexiGrip 350 M - Customs Seal

Technical specifications
iso classification: High Security
Material: Aluminum / steel
colour: Red
diameter: 3.5 mm
sealing hole: 4.0
Cable length: 250 mm
total length: 276 mm
standard marking: 1 character, 6-digit sequential number
sales unit: 100 pieces
weight: 2.50 kg
removing the seal: Cable scissors or bolt cutter
Coding number *: DE
Approval number *: New pattern : DE / / / /
Units price per unit
from1 91,00 €
from5 89,00 €
from10 83,00 €
from30 78,00 €
Sales price (without VAT)91,00 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)91,00 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.04.068.D.ROT
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The FlexiGrip 350 M - Customs seal is certified according to ISO PAS 17712:2013/C-TPAT and tested and approved by the German Customs Authorities as a "special seal".
Approval in accordance with the strict specifications and tests of German Customs is a mark of quality and confirms the high quality and tamper-proof nature of the seal.
With approval as an "approved consignor" and the assigned coding number, the FlexiGrip 350 M - Customs Seal provides you with a high-security wire seal
with which to take advantage of facilitated customs shipping procedures.

The wire of the FlexiGrip 350 M - customs seal is pushed through the opening provided in the seal body and thus forms a loop that is variable in the direction of pull.
This must always be tightened firmly when the seal is applied.
The FlexiGrip 350 M - inch seal  is  versatile and is easy to handle.

For removal, you need cable shears or bolt cutters. When cut, the cut ends of the seal wire spread open in such a way that it can no longer be pushed into the opening of the seal body (NPC wire).

All our Customs (Zoll) seals are also available as standard versions.