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Blitzbinder (3.5 / 120mm)

Technical specifications
material: Polyethylen
COLOUR-1 rot
features: wiederverschließbar
sales unit: 1000 Stück
weight: 1.20 kg
removing the seal: Hand
Breite / Länge
Anzahl VPE Preis je Einheit
ab1 46,60 €
ab5 42,70 €
ab10 38,80 €
ab25 34,95 €
ab50 33,05 €
ab100 31,50 €
Sales price (without VAT)46,60 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)55,45 €
Lieferzeit: ab Lager
Product Code: 3.17.010.K.ROT
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The Blitzbinder provides a reversible and versatile fastening solution, especially suited to closing bags and bundling objects, such as cables.

The Blitzbinder is a reusable cable tie made of polyethylene and available in different lengths, thicknesses and colours.

The tie is fastened by feeding the ribbed band through one of the two pear-shaped holes and snapping it into place at the desired length. For added security, the band can also be fed through the second hole in the tie and snapped into place there in the same way.

The Blitzbinder can be removed by hand, simply by releasing the band from the narrow parts of the holes and drawing it out. No tools are required.

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