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Arrow Seal

Technical specifications
iso classification: indicative
Material: Polypropylene
Seal strap diameter: 2,4 mm
sealing hole: 3,0 mm
total length: 261 mm / 439 mm
standard marking: 8-digit consecutive numbering, barcode 128
sales unit: 1000 pieces
weight: 2,6 kg / 3,7 kg
removing the seal: Simple cutting tool
Seal tail length colour
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.32.001.K
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The Arrow Lux Seal and Arrow V2 Seal are state-of-the-art, tamper-proof security seals made of robust polypropylene, distinguished by their length and a special fluorescent effect. These pull-tight seals offer the highest security in various applications.

Both models feature a unique security feature: a protective cap with a fluorescent effect. This feature allows the integrity of the locking mechanism to be verified using UV light, providing additional protection. The cap, made of transparent plastic, covers the metal insert of the locking mechanism.

Both the Arrow Lux Seal and the Arrow V2 Seal have a large flag labeled with a unique 8-digit number and offer space for additional identification features such as text, company logo, QR code, or barcode due to their size. The labeling is applied using a laser, preventing the information from being removed or replaced without leaving traces.

The self-locking mechanism made of stainless steel ensures that the seal band can only be pulled in one direction and securely locked. Opening without leaving visible traces or destroying the seal is impossible.

Both seal models are optimal for protecting premises, containers, luggage, vehicles, safes, fuel tanks, and other packages. They find versatile applications in industries such as transportation, agriculture, banking, and also in households.

Specific lengths:

  • Arrow Lux Seal: With a total length of 439 mm, the Arrow Lux Seal is suitable for widely spaced sealing openings.
  • Arrow V2 Seal: The Arrow V2 Seal has a total length of 261 mm and is ideal for a variety of standard applications.