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Sealing wire cut lengths

Technical specifications
colour: blue
core wire diameter: 0.50 mm
wrapping wire diameter : 0.30 mm
total diameter: 1.10 mm
length: 250 mm
weight: 0.70 kg
sales unit: 1000 pieces
iso classification: indicative
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.07.110
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The sealing wire cut lengths, are used in connection with lead seals, Notox and Cralu.

Sealing wire is available made of galvanized steel or plastic-coated steel. The wire pieces are pre-cut to a length of 25 cm for the steel version or 30 cm for the plastic-coated steel version and are supplied in bundles of 1000 pieces for easy handling. For application see: Lead seal, Notox or Cralu.