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Tyden Customs Seal will lose its validity as of 30 April 2019!

Since 1 March 2017, the Bednorz-Customs-Seal has been approved as an official customs seal in Germany. It is valid throughout the EU and available as an alternative to, and replacement for, the Tyden Customs Seal.
At the same time there have been decisive changes in the procedure of the customs formalities.

Holders of an approval as Authorised Consignor must, in principle, apply to their respective main customs office for a reassessment of their authorisation and indicate the desired type(s) of seal(s) permitted as a ‘seal of a special type’. Reassessment of authorisation assigns you a unique code number. Each customs seal must be marked with this code number. Thus, the identification of the Authorised Consignor can be made quickly and unmistakably.

In case of a first-time application for approval as an Authorised Consignor at the competent main customs office, the desired type(s) of seal(s) permitted as a ‘seal of a special type’ has/have to be indicated as well. After successful review, both a unique license number and a unique code number will be allocated.

In both cases, the future use of further types of seals approved as a ‘seal of a special type’ must be approved by the competent main customs office as well.

The time-consuming approval with stamp and signature of the original order at the competent customs office has already been canceled. For us as a supplier, it is sufficient being provided with the approval number and the code number; the latter, as explained above, will then be embossed on the seal. A copy of the invoice, stating the consecutive numbering of the seals, will ultimately be sent by us to the competent main customs office for documentation.

In our assortment you will already find four different customs seals approved by the German Customs:

For a list of all seals approved by the German Customs as a 'seal of a special type' please click here.

Your orders can now be made by post, e-mail, fax, telephone or through this webshop.

The Bednorz-Seal – redefining security

To satisfy both the needs of our customers and the German customs authorities' statutory requirements, we have drawn upon our many years of experience to develop a new metal strap seal: the Bednorz-Seal. The design and manufacturing process ensures that any attempt to tamper with the seal becomes evident.

What makes the Bednorz-Seal so secure?

Material and design
The Bednorz-Seal is made of zinc-plated sheet metal. Its main body is made from a single piece, so that it cannot be taken apart and put back together again.

Tamper-proof locking mechanism
The Bednorz-Seal's locking mechanism is impenetrable by any kind of sharp tool. In addition, the raised protective edge around the mechanism makes it impossible to manually open the seal without leaving a trace.

Easy to check
Once fastened, it is easy to check the Integrity of the seal by moving the seal strap and checking the gap between the seal's head and the embossed section of the strap (see: How to apply and check the Bednorz-Seal).

An audible "click" indicates the correct closure of the Bednorz-Seal.

Clearly visible embossing and custom marking
The Bednorz-Seal is embossed twice with a serial number as standard. The seal can also be embossed with a customised text of up to 17 characters in length (incl. spaces), or laser-printed with a bar code or DataMatrix code.

Where the sealing apertures are spaced too far apart, the use of the Bednorz-Extension is recommended. This slotted steel strap comes spooled and can be cut to size to span any distance.

Request a free sample to see for yourself how the Bednorz-Seal sets new standards.

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Bednorz Protector K – effective protection for removing bolt seals

Transport containers secured with bolt seals, such as shipping containers, are normally opened using bolt cutters. However, this method carries the risk of accident or damage: the severed parts can fly off, endangering the operator of the bolt cutters and people in the immediate working environment. In this situation, personal protection equipment such as helmets and gloves may be inadequate to protect trained staff from injury, which can result in the loss of working hours. Furthermore, sharp seal fragments that fall to the floor often cause damage to the tyres of trucks on site, leading to considerable costs and delays in the supply chain.

The Bednorz solution:
The user-friendly Bednorz Protector K prevents uncontrolled movement of the severed parts, which reduces the potential for accidental injury or damage. A holding magnet and alligator clips ensure that after being cut, both parts of the seal remain securely attached to the transport container. The Bednorz Protector K also makes the severed bolt seal easy to inspect, dispose of or store.

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