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Sydex (orange, 115 mm)

Technical specifications
material: Polypropylen
COLOUR-1 orange
seal tape width: 6.0 mm
seal tape thickness: 1.3 mm
sealing hole: 6.5 x 1.5
total length: 145 mm
standard marking: 1 Buchstabe, 6-stellige fortlaufende Nummer
sales unit: 1000 Stück
weight: 1.60 kg
removing the seal: Hand
iso classification indikativ
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ab1 113,80 €
ab5 103,70 €
ab10 94,20 €
ab25 92,60 €
Sales price (without VAT)113,80 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)135,42 €
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Product Code: 3.03.030.K.ORANGE
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The Sydex ring seal is versatile, in particular it serves to secure TIR rope end pieces of tarpaulin trucks, locks of box trucks, containers as well as containers and doors of various kinds.

This indicative seal made of polypropylene is provided with a 6-digit consecutive number and can optionally be supplied with a short text, logo or barcode printed on it. The Sydex does not have a seal flag, the marking is applied to the seal tail. To close the seal, the flat end of the smooth sealing tail is inserted into the locking mechanism. The result is a ring with a fixed diameter.

The Sydex has a designed break point and can be removed by hand.

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