BP 560

Technical specifications
Material: Polypropylene
seal strap width: 7.2 mm
seal strap thickness: 1.0 mm
sealing hole: 7.5 x 1.5
seal strap length: 230 mm
total length: 290 mm
standard marking: 1 character, 6-digit sequential number
sales unit: 1000 pieces
weight: 4.40 kg
removing the seal: Simple cutting tool or by hand
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.19.802.K
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The versatile BP 560 fixed length seal is especially suited to securing curtain side trucks fitted with TIR cables, latches on box trucks, containers, canisters and various types of door.

The BP 560 is a polypropylene indicative seal, with a flat smooth strap. The flag comes printed with a 6-digit consecutive number. A bar code, a short piece of text or a logo can be added on request. The BP 560 is fastened by inserting the flat end of the strap, into the integrated lock. This creates a fixed length loop.

The BP 560 can be removed with a simple cutter or by hand.