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Polywedge (blue)

Technical specifications
material: Polystyrol
wedge high: 34.00 mm
wedge width: 17.00 mm
material thickness wedge: 2.00 mm
seal head hight: 2.00 mm
seal head width: 19.00 mm
seal head depth: 8.00 mm
sales unit: 2500 Stück
weight: 3.50 kg
removing the seal: Zange oder ähnliches Werkzeug
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ab1 99,90 €
ab2 73,50 €
ab5 61,10 €
ab10 54,10 €
Sales price (without VAT)99,90 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)118,88 €
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Product Code: 3.03.123.K.BLAU
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The Polywedge barrel seal is used to secure tension rings on barrels and drums.

The barrel seal Polywedge is a wedge-shaped, flat body. This is inserted into a narrow, elongated sealing opening on the closure of a closed clamping ring that is attached to a barrel or drum. There it is wedged in such a way that it cannot be removed without a tool. The Polywedge is suitable for sealing openings with a width of 15.0 to 16.5mm and a depth of 3.0 to 3.5mm.

The Polywedge seal is delivered without a label.

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