Technical specifications
Material: Polyethylene
accessories: Wires of all kinds
closing tool: Clamping
sales unit: 1000 pieces
weight: 0.40 kg
removing the seal: Simple cutting tool or side cutter
diameter: colour
Delivery Time: in stock
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The Notox seal can be used in many ways, in particular it is used to secure measuring and display devices, electrical, gas and water meters, bags, valuables containers and ballot boxes, emergency exits and fire extinguishers, and it can also be used for individual product labeling in the creative sector.

Notox are made of polyethylene. They are handled like conventional lead seals and can be viewed as an equivalent alternative.

They are used in combination with a copper, plastic or galvanized iron wire or hemp cord (see accessories).

To apply the seal, a piece of wire or cord is threaded into the seal opening. Then the two ends are passed through the seal. A simple knot, which is pulled into the cylindrical seal body, prevents it from slipping. The Notox is pressed together with sealing pliers.

The small, cylindrical Notox are available in two sizes and in different colours.

Individual identification is possible with an embossing stamp built into the seal pliers, which stamps a logo or an initial into the material when the seal is closed.

Sealing pliers are available with and without an individual stamp in two sizes.

The seal can be removed again with a wire or simple cutting tool.

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