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Cross Seal - Zollplombe

Technical specifications
Material: Polycarbonate
colour: White
total length: 13 mm
sales unit: 100 pieces
Coding number *: DE
Approval number *: New pattern : DE / / / /
Units price per unit
from1 121,00 €
from5 118,00 €
from10 99,00 €
from50 98,00 €
Sales price (without VAT)121,00 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)121,00 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.24.110.K.WEISS
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The Cross Seal - Customs Seal The approval according to the strict specifications and tests of the German Customs is a quality mark and confirms the high quality and tamper-resistance of the seal.

With the Cross Seal customs seal it is for the first time possible to secure the straps from 6 to 13 mm for customs purposes. 

The opened Cross Seal customs seal is carefully placed under the crossed straps. By operating the slider, the seal is closed with an audible click.
To remove the seal, the tapes are cut.
Individual markings such as logo, text or barcode are possible.

All our customs seals are also available as a standard version. You can find the Cross Seal here.