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BC-Security Label - Zollplombe

Technical specifications
Material: Polyester film
Size: 100 mm x 30 mm
colour: Red
features: residue-free
standard marking: 1 character, 7-digit sequential number
sales unit: 500 pieces
weight: 0,4 kg
removing the seal: by hand
Coding number *: DE
Approval number *: New pattern : DE / / / /
Units price per unit
from1 287,50 €
from10 278,90 €
from20 273,10 €
Sales price (without VAT)287,50 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)287,50 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.29.001.K.ROT
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The BC-Security Label - Customs Seal 
The approval according to the strict specifications and tests of the German Customs is a mark of quality and confirms the high quality and tamper-resistance of the seal. With the approval as an "approved consignor" and the assigned coding number, the BC-Security Label - customs seal is now also available to you as a label with which the advantages of facilitated customs shipping procedures can be used.

Each individual BC-Security Label - customs seal must be provided with the code number of the ""approved consignor"", which must be taken into account in the delivery time

The labels are offered on rolls, can be quickly and easily detached from the backing material and stuck onto the area to be sealed. To ensure a lasting seal, the surfaces must be homogeneous, clean, dry and free of grease.

The following surfaces are suitable for application:
- Lacquered metal or wood
- Bare metal without roughness
- Smooth glass
- Structure-free plastic

Direct application to food is not permitted.
The BC-Security Label is not applicable to paper, cardboard as well as untreated wood.

Each label is provided with a unique consecutive numbering and expiry date.
Flawless function is guaranteed at a temperature between +15°C and +35°C.
To achieve the greatest possible adhesion, careful application of the label is imperative. 

When the BC-Security Label - Customs Seal is removed, the lettering ""OPEN VOID"" is revealed. 

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