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FastGrip 380 A - Black with Barcode

Technical specifications
iso classification: High Security
Material: Aluminum / steel
colour: black
steel cable: NPC
diameter: 3.8 mm
sealing hole: 4.0 mm
Cable length: 250 mm
total length: 280 mm
standard marking: 1 character, 6-digit sequential number, Barcode 128
sales unit: 10 pieces
weight: 0.35 kg
removing the seal: Cable scissors or bolt cutter
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The high security FastGrip 380 A - Black with barcode pull-tight seal is especially suited to securing shipping containers, box trucks, railway wagons and other large transport containers.

The FastGrip 380 A is a high security pull-tight seal with a steel cable. The locking mechanism is housed in a coloured, anodized aluminium body.

The strong steel cable of the FastGrip 380 A also acts like a mechanical seal for transport container locking mechanisms.

The body of this seal comes marked with a 7-digit consecutive number. A short piece of text, a bar code or a logo can be added on request.

The FastGrip 380 A is fastened by pushing the cable through the lock body, until the desired loop size is achieved. Once pushed through, the cable cannot be pulled back.

Bolt cutters or cable shears are required to remove the seal. When cut, the cable frays and cannot be pushed through the lock body again.