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BP Cable Seal 150

Technical specifications
material: galvanized steel
colour: blue
steel wire: NPC
diameter 1.5 mm
sealing hole: 2.0 mm
wire length: 200 mm
total length: 226 mm
standard marking: 1 letter
sales unit: 100 pieces
weight: 1.3 kg
removing the seal: Side cutter
Units price per unit
ab1 70,00 €
ab5 68,00 €
ab10 62,00 €
ab30 57,00 €
Sales price (without VAT)70,00 €
Sales price (incl. 19% VAT)83,30 €
Delivery Time: in stock
Product Code: 3.23.021.D.BLAU
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The pull-through seal BP Cable Seal 150 is versatile. In particular, it is used to secure transport containers, airline and catering containers, barrels, packages and all kinds of closures.

The locking mechanism of this pull-tight seal is located in an aluminum body. To close the BP Cable Seal 150, the steel cable is pushed through the opening provided in the seal body and forming a variable length loop. This must always be tightened when applying the seal.

The standard version of the BP Cable Seal 150 has a letter, a 6-digit consecutive numbering and a barcode 128 on the colored seal body (anodized).

The seal is removed with a cable cutter.

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