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Along with a comprehensive range of plastic and metal seal, Bednorz offer complementary accessories, these include:

Seal accessories

Rolls of cord and rolls/ cut lengths of wire for use with meter seals. Also meter seals can be embossed with Cralu or Seal Nipper pliers.

The Bednorz extension is supplied as a roll of slotted stainless steel strip. This enables extended lengths between sealing points can be sealed using the Bednorz-Seal or narrow cable seal.

Packaging strapping accessories

Along with metal and plastic sealing clips, Bednorz off a slot punching tool. Once the strapping is tightly applied, this tool punches a slot in the metal clip, which enable a Bednorz-Seal to be applied, adding tamper evidence and increased security.

Bednorz Protector K

Bolt seals are removed using a long handled bolt seal cutter. This could result in the cut parts flying off, at least causing a potential issue of damage to vehicle tyres, but also injury to operators. By simply applying the Bednorz Protector K to body and pin of the bolt seal, the cutting procedure is control and the bolt seal cut pieces are easily disposed.