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Series 2700 Tension ring fastener

material / surface
10 x 0,4 mm
base plate radius:
R = 150 mm
length tension lock:
105 mm
toggle latch width:
21 mm
counter hook length:
96 mm
counterhook wide:
15 mm
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Product Code: 2700-0-6
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Tension locks in various sizes and designs for transport containers, linings. Lids, flaps and covers, which are used in almost all branches of industry and can be sealed for the most part.

By tightening the handle part, the two parts to be joined can be pulled together via the tensioning brackets or tensioning hooks suspended in the counter hook. Some fasteners are designed in such a way that no counter hooks are needed.

Fastener and counter hooks can be screwed or riveted on after drilling the fastening holes according to the hole pattern of the respective fastener selected. Fixing by spot welding is also possible.