Customs Information


Since 01 May 2019, there have been fundamental changes to the regulations and procedures for the Authorised Consignor (AEO) with EU Customs Authorities.

A variety of security seals are approved as a special seal and cover the needs of the most diverse requirements for security.

You can find a list of all the seals approved by German Customs here.

In our range you will already find six different customs seals approved by German Customs. The approval is valid for the entire European area.


Bednorz Customs Seal
Indikativ Metallbandplombe / ISO PAS 17712:2013
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BC-Cable Seal LXR - Customs Seal 

High Security NPC Wire Seal / ISO PAS 17712:2013 / C-TPAT

High Security Bolt Seal / ISO PAS 17712:2013 / C-TPAT

FlexiGrip 350M Customs Seal
High Security NPC Wire Seal / ISO PAS 17712:2013 / C-TPAT
Cross-Seal Customs Seal
Package strapping seal

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Companies or authorities who are certified as an authorised consignor (AEO) have to apply to use special seals at their local, main Customs office. You can find the form here. The special seal(s) requested must be stated. After authorisation, the applicant is allocated a permit and a code number.  Each Customs Seal is marked with the coding number. This makes it possible to quickly and unmistakably track back to the approved consignor.

For us as a supplier, it is sufficient to indicate the approval number and the coding number when you place your order.