Our partnership with Red Flag

Bednorz has a partnership with Red Flag Cargo Security Systems in the USA. A manufacturer that stands out with significant products that are also preferred by the US Customs Authorities.

In our range you will find the BP Duplexeal 3.2, as well as the BC-Cable Seal LXR. Both seals are accepted for use by Customs Authorities, and are also available in standard format. Two distinctive cable seals that stand out from the crowd for security.

Both cable seals have passed the extensive, strict tests of the Customs Authorities and are approved as a "special seal" for identity protection in the European area.

Red Flag products are characterised by tamper-resistant locking mechanisms and stand for quality. These products can be used with electronic security systems developed by Red Flag, which enables complete shipment tracking and monitoring over the entire transport route.

For more information on Red Flag, please visit: Red Flag Security Systems

Red Flag customs seals in the Bednorz range:

BP DUPLEXEAL 3.2 - Customs Seal